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Boycotting Bigotry

The situation: We cannot wait until the 2018-midterm elections to take a stand against Donald Trump’s agenda of hate. We must do it now in a way that will personally affect him. We need to target the thing he loves most, his wallet.


What we want to do about it: The Boycotting Bigotry Campaign

The Boycotting Bigotry campaign aims to address Trump’s blatant conflicts of interest with a particular focus on the bigotry and racism that they are propping up in the White House. This bigot-in-chief is running the country, and profiting off of it at the same time. It’s time to do something about it. We’re using the tool we know best, comedy.


We propose regionally targeted boycott measures for the South Florida and DC areas with the launch of the Making Golf Less Racist…Again campaign and the Trump International Hotel: Stay in the Lap of Bigotry campaign.


We hope you will join us in this fight.


How you can help: Donate to our campaign.