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Merry Muslim XMas! We have stuff for you!

December 10th, 2013



Its gonna be Christmas soon, and let’s not pretend that if you’re a Muz, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Hindu or a Grand Noodle believer that you haven’t celebrated Xmas despite your non-Christianness because you totally have!

When Negin’s immigrant Muz parents landed in this country, bought a plastic tree, and proceeded to hang random things on it so Xmas has always been a part of her family, including the pain-in-the-ass of gift giving.

This post is like Negin’s version of Oprah’s Favorite Things, plus a few pieces of info and sweet-ass vids, minus the worldwide sway and network domination. Otherwise, its just like Oprah’s list.

A free video (gift) for you with Janeane Garofalo:

Janeane Garofalo on Vaginas, see it here, it is hilarious:

A gift idea! What about a hilarious movie about Muslims as a Christmas gift!
Our DVD of The Muslims Are Coming is gorgeous and glossy and cool and nothing says ironic-interfaith-unity gift like The Muslims Are Coming DVD, blu ray or tshirt. Buy them here in time for the holidays:

Negin is in a book w/ Martin Scorsese! Another gift idea!

The perfect companion gift to The Muslims Are Coming DVD is TELL ME SOMETHING – its a book of 50 documentary filmmakers giving 50 pieces of advice. Its got Martin Scorsese, Michael Moore, Morgan Spurlock, and naturally ME! Er, right, that’s not natural, its ridiculous BUT amazing! Its a really beautifully designed coffee table book from editor Jessica Edwards and your cinephile/artsy peeps will LURVE you if you give this to them. You can buy it here: 

More Video!

If you haven’t seen the ridiculous music video to the title track to The Muslims Are Coming! (also called The Muslims Are Coming!),I  wholeheartedly promise its FUN:

Food in NYC

Are you in the New York area? You need some delicious bread and sweets for the holiday? Try ever scrumptious Hot Bread Kitchen: 

Food in LA

Are you in the LA area and need to order a pie (or simply enjoy a wonderful brunch)? Try Lemon Poppy Kitchen, it don’t get more delicious than LPK!:

Even More Video!
Here’s some free funtainment from Becky Yamamoto, its a web series that the Onion called “a favorite” and that I call “fucking funny”:
Another Book!

Any “young adult” readers in your fam? Then immediately buy this unbelievably stupendous book from Mindy Raf, “The Symptoms of My Insanity”: 

Another Movie!

Herman’s House by Angad Bhalla is a lovely, sad, moving doc, it would be a great gift for any film lover:

Go forth and make some gifting dreams come true, from this Muz to you, Merry Muslim Christmas!

And Check Out These Awesome Items From Lee Camp!

Moment Of Clarity by Lee Camp turns his popular ranting, raving “Moment of Clarity” webseries into a convenient, easy-to-carry paper version. Moment of Clarity includes 90 of Camp’s angrily opinionated, hilariously acerbic humor columns. You can get the paperback at, or the Kindle Version, and all other Ebooks are are avaliable here.

And don’t forget Lee’s stand-up album on iTunes!  Pepper Spray the Tears Away 






More of a downloader? No problem!

Download the Muslims Are Coming!
on iTunes:!/id689131789

on Amazon:

on Xbox:

You won’t be sorry – even the press liked it!

“Packs a funny but trenchant punch” – Chicago Tribune

“Provocative…Edgy” – Los Angeles Times

“Laughs and food for thought” – Hollywood Reporter

 “A funny and profoundly moving documentary” – Austin Statesman

“Fearless… loaded with jokes” – Ain’t it Cool

“Funny as poop!…makes its points with charm.” – Seattle’s Stranger

“Really effing funny” – Austin Chronicle

“The Muslims are coming and they’re funny as hell!” – Seattle City Arts

“This documentary is impressive, the comedians are smart” – The Examiner


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