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The Fighting-Bigotry-With- Delightful-Posters Campaign is getting very serious (and even delightful-er)

November 5th, 2014

Folks! A few weeks ago you were alarmed by the mean and hateful (and let’s be honest, generally ugly) anti-Muslim posters that went up all over the NYC subway system. We asked you to help us fight back with way more delightful ones.

Now, thanks to YOU – people of the web! people with feelings! people who hate haters! people who probably look good in leather pants! – thanks to you, we managed to raise a grand total of $19,156.24!! I know, you’re thinking, I could have dropped the 0.24 but NO! Because that’s 24 more cents towards love and honesty and away from miserable bigotry. We will not round down!! We will never round down!

Ehem, our goal was the minimum MTA ad buy of $11,000 which meant that we would have had to pay for printing and design work out of pocket – we were happy to do that – but it also meant fewer posters. $19,156.24 means MORE POSTERS. We’re trying to get real numbers from the MTA on exactly how many posters, but we can say for certain that we will have at the very minimum 130 posters throughout the NYC subway system. That is not nothing.

Below please find a series of possible designs. Let us know what you think in the comment section. Thank you thank you and we will continue to keep you abreast of our postering shenanigans as we get a clearer sense of the timeline.

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